Tummy tuck
Comfort Plan
11 Days
Tehran Tehran
What is included
Famous and top-notch Surgeon in Iran
Free Transportation in City
5 Star Hotel with breakfast
A city Tour alongside Treatment
Free SIM Cart and internet during your travel
24/7 on phone Translator
Free Medication
A car at your service in the journey
Lab tests
A night in a top-notch hospital
All included food and meals during your journey
Translator up to 60 hours
Welcome dinner
Only for $ 5,599

Brief info about what you will do in this package

Right in the airport, our agent will pick you up and give you a ride to your accomodation. After having some quality time to shrugg off the flight exhaustion, you’ll be picked to your Doctor’s office. We’ll set the time for the big day, and...Done! After resting for a day in the hospital with an excellent care, our agent will give you tours around the city’s magnificent sightseeings for the rest of your trip. We won’t let you miss your final appointment with your Surgeon to give you the final recovering advices.You can spend an afternoon shopping, a enjoying a cup of coffee in a nice part of the city to enhance your recovery process. On the final day, Our agent will respectfully accompany you to the airport, and we wish you a safe flight back to your hometown with your new life
zzz{"items":[{"facility":{"id":70,"lang_id":1,"type":"D","title":"Dr. Mohammadreza Tarahomi","alias":"dr-mohammadreza-tarahomi","country_id":1,"city_id":1,"beds":null,"vip":null,"cip":null,"avatar":"4.jpg","image":"Dr-mohammad-reza-tarahomi-profile.jpg","image_alt":"Dr. Mohammadreza Tarahomi","specialties":"2","years_experience":"+20","successful_surgeries":"+10000","rate":5},"city":{"title":"Tehran","alias":"tehran"},"country":{"title":"Iran","alias":"iran"},"specialties":[{"id":2,"lang_id":1,"title":"Plastic Surgeon","alias":"plastic-surgeon","order":0,"status":"T"}],"listing_count":"3"}],"_links":{"self":{"href":"https://aveheal.com/apinew/facilities/search?lang=en&page=1&per-page=10"}},"_meta":{"totalCount":1,"pageCount":1,"currentPage":1,"perPage":10}}

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Dr. Mohammadreza Tarahomi
Dr. Hadi Amali