Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)
Economy Plan
8 Days
Tehran Tehran
What is included
Airport CIP service Airport CIP service
Free SIM Card and internet during your travel
24/7 on phone Translator
Pleasant hostel
Top-notch Surgeon
Free Medication
Lab tests
Translator up to 16 hours
Travel Insurance
Only for $ 1,740

Brief info about what you will do in this package

Right in the airport, our agent will pick you up and give you a ride to your accommodation. After having some quality time to shrug off the flight exhaustion, you’ll be picked to your Doctor’s office. We’ll set the time for the big day, and...Done! After resting for a day in the hospital with excellent care, our agent will give you tours around the city’s magnificent sightseeings for the rest of your trip. We won’t let you miss your final appointment with your Surgeon to give you the final recovering advice. You can spend an afternoon shopping, enjoying a cup of coffee in a nice part of the city to enhance your recovery process. On the final day, Our agent will respectfully accompany you to the airport, and we wish you a safe flight back to your hometown with your new life.
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Detailed plan of the journey

  • Arrival in Tehran
  • Day 1
    Arrival in Tehran
    Arriving at Tehran Airport, you will be welcomed by AveHeal and will depart to the hotel. Your interpreter checks the hotel and guides you to your room. After a minor rest, you will go to a lab for pre-operative tests and Medical Imaging. That evening you will meet with your surgeon with an interpreter to review the tests and photographs, and you will get to know and talk with the surgeon. Afterward, you will return to the hotel to relax and have dinner and get ready for the next day’s operation.
  • Day 2
    Operation day
    The interpreter will accompany you to the hospital in the morning. Then you will reside in a room, and afterward, you will be led to the operating room. Your operation will take approximately an hour. After awakening, you will be monitored by the nursing ward, and you will be discharged after several hours from the hospital. Your translator will take you back to the hotel.
  • Rest Day
  • Day 3
    Rest Day
    The day after the operation, you should rest and consume the proper meals prescribed by the doctor at the hotel.
  • Day 4
    Rest day
    If you feel ready to walk, you can browse the city with an interpreter at any time you want and go to city sights such as museums, parks, or restaurants. It is your choice to eat meals in or out of the hotel.
  • Day 5
    Rest day
    Feel free to stay in the hotel, relax and watch movies, or go to Tehran’s famous sights with an interpreter and visit the old streets, the big bazaars, or the beautiful palaces of Tehran. You desire to eat meals in or out of the hotel.
  • Day 6
    Rest day
    Depending on your general mood, you can stay and relax in the hotel or walk out of the hotel to shop and dine in attractive Tehran restaurants and see the great Tehran amenities.
  • Day 7
    Removing stitches and departing home
    After breakfast, your translator will accompany you to meet with the surgeon for examination. On this day, the surgeon removes your nose stitches and lifts the bandage on your nose. You will return to the hotel afterward and rest. At night you will be taken to Imam Khomeini Airport, and you will depart home.