Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

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Jam Hospital is founded in 1968 in an area which is about 9000 square meters. Jam Hospital is the first private hospital in the center of Tehran, Iran that performs Cytoreductive surgery and Hipec program. This well-known specialty and subspecialty center has 128 beds and utilizes cutting-edge medical technologies and facilities according to the latest international medical standards to provide health services and advanced care based on the commitment to human beings. It includes many sections, such as ICU-CCU's special department, maternity wards, and modern operating rooms. The presence of distinguished professors, consultant doctors, and experienced committed staff makes this center different from the other hospitals.


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How this Procedure is Done

What is Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)?

The nose is one of the most important parts of our face since any defects can be easily noticed. Thus, for those individuals who do not like the appearance of their nose, Rhinoplasty can be a satisfactory solution. Rhinoplasty, also called “nose job”, is a common cosmetic surgery which can reshape your nose, change its size, make it look more beautiful, and solve breathing difficulties by improving nasal function. Furthermore, this operation boosts your self-confidence, creates a perfect harmony between your facial features, and can even treat some sleeping disorders like snoring.

Why Iran?

Rhinoplasty is a fairly complex surgery that should be performed by experienced surgeons with extensive knowledge. Before having any kind of cosmetic surgery, you should consult with a specialist to discuss your expectations, express your concerns, and ask questions. Surgeons will help you understand the whole process and determine the technique which best suits your needs. In this case, you can ensure that your desired outcomes will be obtained.

Considering the significance of all the above-mentioned issues, Iranian experts are highly recommended for performing such cosmetic surgeries specially Rhinoplasty. They are well-known and carry out similar procedures successfully every year. Besides, highly up-do-date facilities and efficient services are offered in Iran’s specialized clinics. You can also save a considerable amount of money if you have these cosmetic surgeries in Iran since they are done with a low cost.

In a nutshell, if you are thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgeries, specially Rhinoplasty, it’s reasonable to have Iran at the top of your priority list of options.

Who Can Benefit From Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)?

Despite the fact that undergoing this operation does not have any age limit, surgeons typically perform it only for young adults. Candidates should be non-smoking adults with good overall health who suffer from some functional issues of their nose or are not happy with its appearance.

If you suffer from the following problems, you can take Rhinoplasty into account as an option:

  • Hump on the nasal bridge
  • Crookedness
  • Deviated septum
  • Bulbous/undefined nasal tip
  • Too large/too small nose
  • Wide nasal bridge
  • Common nasal deformities

In addition, you should have a positive outlook and realistic goals in your mind for getting this surgery because if this is not the case and you want to perform this surgery just for the sake of gaining others’ satisfaction, you are recommended to think twice about your decision.



Since Rhinoplasty is a somewhat complex surgery, there are various procedures for doctors to employ. The technique they choose highly depends on your needs and desired goals. This operation usually takes two or three hours to complete. Like any other surgery, in the beginning, you doctors use some medications for general anesthesia. It’s important to note that your specialist’s choice depends on your medical history and previous experiences.

In the next step, surgeons make incisions to raise the skin covering the nasal bones a bit to reshape the structure of your nose. They will do it either using a closed or an open procedure. In the first method, the incisions are made and hidden inside the nose.  

In this case, scars will not be visible, but using this technique makes the surgery much more complex for the specialist.

In open Rhinoplasty, doctors make a small incision between the nostrils to open up the nose and access it directly. Although that small scar is visible after the surgery, it gradually fades away. Therefore, no one will notice it afterwards. To obtain your desired results, surgeons typically recommend this technique.

The following procedures can be adopted during the surgery:

  • Cartilage grafting
  • Straightening of the nasal septum
  • Bone rasping
  • Nostril re-positioning
  • Osteotomy

The last technique, called “osteotomy” is employed when doctors break the nose throughout the operation. While this is a significant part of the surgery, it may not be used in all of them depending on your specialist’s viewpoint. If this technique is applied, bruising will be much probable. Nonetheless, it is a safe and common method in general, and there is no need to worry about it.

After reshaping your nose through the above-mentioned procedures and changing your nose shape and size, your specialist closes the incisions.



During the recovery process, you can take prescribed medications to control the potential pain and use some remedies like Arnica and Bromelain to reduce swelling. The stitches will remain for about a week. Throughout this period, it’s better to ask someone to take care of you since you should avoid any activity that puts pressure on your nose and the incisions like bending down, swimming, or wearing any type of glasses. You will also have to keep your head elevated for a few days. All these tips should be followed to promote successful healing and prevent injury.

After the first two weeks, you can go back to work and do your normal daily activities such as walking. While bruising fades away gradually after a week or two, swelling takes longer to disappear depending on the procedure your doctor employed. You can get rid of these difficulties earlier than expected if you obey your specialist’s instructions.


The Results

During the recovery process, you will notice gradual changes. However, you need to wait for almost a year to enjoy the final outcomes. Fortunately, the results of Rhinoplasty are usually long-lasting. It’s important to know that as you get older, gradual changes may influence the appearance of different parts of your body such as nose. Accordingly, you wouldn’t need to see your specialist if you noticed such minor changes. By living a healthy lifestyle and protecting your nose properly, you will enjoy your new appearance and the everlasting results of your nose job.

The last point to mention is that you can ask your surgeon to conduct similar cosmetic procedures as well to make sure that your favorable results are achieved. If they accept your suggestion considering your overall health, they will do so.


Despite the fact that many young people under 18 may not be satisfied with their nose shape and size, majority of cosmetic surgeons avoid performing this operation on their nose since nasal growth has not been fully completed yet. This procedure will not be applied even if patients have gained their parental consent. Therefore, the best option will be waiting until age 15-16 for girls and 16-17 for boys. In this case, you can make sure that the results will not be ruined because of your body’s natural growth.

Mostly, all patients are permitted to go back home the same day after surgery. However, if you have some health issues after the operation that needs monitoring, it’s better to stay in the clinic for one night.

Yes. Before consulting with specialists, they take several photos of your face from different angles. These photos will be manipulated afterwards to show you what your nose may look like later.

Cartilage grafting is a necessary part of almost all rhinoplasty procedures. Cartilage is a strong and flexible substance that is taken from the nasal septum, ear, or the rib. Surgeons typically use it to reshape the nose.

While the majority of specialists prefer using cartilage grafting, in some cases, using a nasal implant is a better option. It is usually made of silicone or Gore-Tex and is useful in building up and shaping the nose.

Training and board certification are so important when you want to select a qualified specialist. An expert who has considerable experience, specially in Rhinoplasty is undoubtedly a better one compared to other cosmetic surgeons based on your goals. If the specialist you choose has published many articles and books in medical literature relevant to Rhinoplasty and has been frequently invited to speak at conferences, you can ensure that you have made the right choice. Remember that you should feel comfortable with your surgeon to be able to express all your concerns and talk about your expectations of any kind. Thus, look for someone who is patient enough to explain what is going to happen during the surgery in detail to meet your needs.

Your translator accompanies you in every step of your medical journey if you need them. Your interpreter stays in touch 24/7 and will be with you upon your request during your treatment in the medical facility to take care of you.

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