Lip Augmentation (Lip fill)
Lip Augmentation (Lip fill)
Lip Augmentation (Lip fill)
Lip Augmentation (Lip fill)
Lip Augmentation (Lip fill)

Lip Augmentation (Lip fill)

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How this Procedure is Done

What is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation is a fairly common cosmetic surgery. While some people have naturally beautiful and full lips, others may not be happy with their lips’ volume or shape. As we get older, our lips may lose their volume. However, through some methods like lip augmentation, you can enhance the beauty of your lips. Based on your goals, your surgeons can follow various procedures.


Why Iran?

Before undergoing any cosmetic surgery, you should consult with experienced specialists to ensure that you are making the right choice. You should ask questions and discuss your concerns with your doctors to help them choose the method which best suits your needs since surgeons can adopt various procedures.

Through the consultation process, your surgeon can also make sure you are able to go through this procedure successfully. Among all cosmetic specialists, Iranian experts are highly well-known. They perform many surgeries every year and can help you obtain your favorable outcomes with their extensive knowledge and invaluable experience. In addition, these surgeries are performed in Iran with a low cost. You will be provided with up-to-date facilities in Iran’s specialized clinics. Accordingly, you can save a considerable amount of money while having any cosmetic surgery you desire specially lip augmentation.


Who Can Benefit From Lip Augmentation?

Patients who aim to undergo this operation should be in good overall health and think carefully about the process to come up with specific clear goals. Individuals suffering from the following problems may not be able to have this surgery:

  • Current infections like oral herpes
  • Cold sores
  • Certain diseases like diabetes or lupus since these sicknesses may cause some complications
  • Scars on the lips
  • Blood-clotting problems



The procedures employed for performing this surgery depend on the treatment type your surgeon selects.

There are three major types of treatment for lip augmentation:

  • Injectable Fillers: This is the most popular procedure for lip augmentation, which can be quickly conducted either in your doctor’s office or specialized clinics. Injectable fillers typically add instant volume and contour to your lips and make them appear natural by shaping your lips the way you want. However, the look they give to your lips is temporary. Therefore, surgeons usually recommend them only for special events or trying out a change in your appearance.The operation is carried out in a short period of time with little pain or swelling. The result usually lasts three to six months on average, depending on your expectations. Common fillers used in this kind of treatment are hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane and Juvederm. The disadvantage of these fillers is that your doctor should repeat them to keep the volume added to your lips and maintain the new appearance.


  • Fat Transfer: In this method, specialists use the patient's own fat to modify the shape of lips. The fat is usually taken from the hips, stomach, or thighs. Before adding them to the lips, these cells are purified. This procedure is a bit complex due to the fact that before applying it, doctors should harvest the fat. Accordingly, it is not commonly employed by cosmetic surgeons compared to the previous one. Another problem with this technique is that since the fat is taken from the patients’ body, the cells may be absorbed gradually after the operation within the first six months. Thus, the results are unpredictable and may not be the exact ones you wanted to obtain. Nonetheless, your lips will look so natural, and the volume which remains after that time will be everlasting.


  • Implants: Results obtained from lip implants can be lasting, but they are not frequently used by specialists. Patients who have made up their mind regarding their new appearance can choose this kind of treatment. They are usually those who have tried the previous techniques and want to enjoy the permanent results that can be achieved through this surgery. At first, surgeons make some incisions in the top or bottom lips. Then, a soft flexible implant typically made of AlloDerm or Gore-Tex is placed in the patient’s lips. When the implants are put in the lips, the incisions will be closed. There is no need to have any concern regarding the implant because it can be removed whenever you want.



When injectable fillers are used, the recovery process is extremely short. You can do their daily activities immediately with no restrictions. Potential swelling will also disappear a couple of days after the surgery. If you decide to undergo other procedures, you may have to rest for a longer period, usually about two or three weeks. To reduce potential pain, you can take some painkillers approved by your doctor. It’s better to ask someone to take care of you for a few days because you will not be able to go to work, exercise, or lift heavy objects after the surgery. Undoubtedly, you mustn’t use lipstick or other lip products for at least a week or two.



You will definitely notice a difference in your lips’ appearance after the lip augmentation surgery. Additionally, it’s important to note that the results of all these surgeries are reasonably long-lasting, but not permanent. After passing the healing process, your lips should feel completely natural.


Since fillers are made of a material similar to a substance found in our body, they rarely cause an allergic reaction. Nonetheless, some individuals have an allergic reaction to lidocaine, an anesthetic substance used in some fillers. Therefore, it’s better to talk about your allergy symptoms with an experienced expert.

In general, this treatment is suggested to adults. Patients should be at least eighteen years old to be able to have this surgery. Nonetheless, if you are a teenager and do not like your lips’ shape, you will need your parental consent to receive lip injection.

The main advantages of this treatment type are mentioned below:
• When the specialist injects them into your lips, the gel inside the filler shapes their tissue.
• Doctors can have control over the volume, which is supposed to be added to your lips. Therefore, they can help you achieve what you exactly want.
• There is no need to undergo this operation in one session. Indeed, your specialist can gradually inject the fillers into your lips in multiple sessions to make sure that you are satisfied with your lips’ new look. Each session might take thirty minutes at most. In this case, potential complications like bruising or swelling will be avoided as well.
• Reasonably lasting results can help you enjoy your new appearance for a longer period. However, this technique does not permanently modify your lips’ shape; you need to repeat the same procedure after about three months.
• Allergic reactions are not likely to occur. Hyaluronic acid fillers are made of certain substances similar to those found in your body. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the material and your body’s reaction.

Yes. Many patients prefer to have lip augmentation with some facial treatments or relevant operations to improve their appearance significantly.

Lip fillers usually look and feel natural after the operation. The "kiss test" refers to the feel of the lips when kissing someone. If that person understands that your lips have been treated, you can say that the treatment has not been successful because this operation aims to give your lips a natural appearance and feeling.

To maintain desired results, you should have injectable treatments every three to six months. There is no need to worry about this issue if you have used implants because they are permanent.

It highly depends on the type of treatment. Injectable fillers are temporary and do not typically need to be reversed. Nevertheless, implants may be removed if they shift, cause infection, or are no longer desired by the patient. 

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