Lasik Eye Surgery (both eye)
Lasik Eye Surgery (both eye)
Lasik Eye Surgery (both eye)
Lasik Eye Surgery (both eye)

Lasik Eye Surgery (both eye)

Basir Eye Clinic

Basir eye clinic is one of the largest ophthalmologist centers of Iran, with the best and the most modern ophthalmology equipment with high standards. 
The clinic is located in the center of Tehran and has been established for the very first time in 1993. Basir clinic provides amenities that cover your entire trip to Iran, intending to make your treatment procedure more comfortable and more pleasant. These conveniences include complete information on the doctor's background and resume, online appointment, and an assistant who is familiar with foreign languages as well as treatment procedures and a translator.


English Translator
Open 24 Hours
Private Nursing
Wheelchair Accessibility

Blinking and moving during this operation do not usually cause a problem. The main reason is that numbing drops will be applied before performing the surgery to make the process more comfortable and lower the possibility of blinking. In addition, a small device will be put into place to keep the eyelids open. In general, movement of the head is not of so much concern.

It’s important to note that gettingproducts like hair spray and shaving lotion in your eyes should be avoided while healing from this operation. Remember not to rub your eyes as well for the first week after LASIK eye surgery. Moreover, swimming is forbidden for at least 10 days after undergoing this operation. 

Since LASIK surgery normally takes less than 15 minutes, it does not require general anesthesia. However, if you are anxious during the surgery, your specialist will give you a mild sedative or other medications to help you relax and feel more comfortable.

You don’t need to worry about such issues because eye surgeons believe that looking away, blinking, coughing andeven sneezing do not influence the results of LASIK eye surgery.

Based on the reports produced by the American Refractive Surgery Council, there are no cases of blindness as a result of getting LASIK eye surgery. The statistics also show that the success rate of this operation is about 96 percent. However, remember that like all other procedures, LASIK eye surgery has some complications such as infections that maylead to a level of vision loss for a short period of time.

Although the eyes quickly adapt to your new vision, in some cases, the eye sight might worsen after the surgery because of the body's ageing process.

It’s important to avoid getting water in your eyes within the first 72 hours after getting this surgery. If your doctor approves, reading, working on the computer, and watching television can be continued 24 hours after LASIK eye surgery. If necessary, you can keep your eyes lubricated during such activities.

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