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Dr. Hadi Amali

Dr. Hadi Amali
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Brief info about Dr. Hadi Amali


Hadi Amali is an active surgeon since 2005. He is graduated from Shahid Behshti Universty of Medical Sciences of Tehran. After years of practice and experience he became a member of Iranian Society of Plastice and Aesthetic
Surgeons. He is also a member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons. with over 17000 succesful plastic surgeries, Dr. Hadi Amali is now offering consultation and medical services to international candidates and patients.

How this Procedure is Done

What is Butt Lift?

Recently, many people have become fond of enhancing their buttocks in terms of their size, shape, and firmness. Whereas this process is mostly known as “Brazilian Butt Lift,” it is always modified based on the patients’ needs, preferences, and goal, which is having a beautiful, natural-looking bottom. In buttock lift, the “love handles” or the excess fat above the butts is removed. Accordingly, the buttocks are pulled upward for achieving a better overall look. For those patients with extreme weight loss, a buttock lift may be operated with a buttock flap in which the flank tissues are moved into the deflated buttock to increase volume.

This surgery can be performed through two methods, namely fat transfer, and buttock implants.

In fat transfer, which is gaining popularity these days, the patients’ own fat is used to add natural-looking volume to the buttocks. However, in butt implants, the surgeons insert synthetic devices into the buttock area to do so.


Why Iran?

You should have realistic goals in mind for this surgery. To avoid any mistake, you need to consult with talented plastic surgeons about your decision. Since Iranian experts are highly well-known for these cosmetic surgeries, they can give you answers to all of your questions and help you come up with a treatment that suits your needs. They perform many surgeries annually and have invaluable experience and remarkable skills in this regard. Besides, such operations require numerous tests. The cost of all these essential services is fairly reasonable in Iran. You can experience the international quality in this country while paying the lowest price for the most advanced services which are provided based on international standards and world-class science. Therefore, it is wise to choose Iran because of its medical progress in addition to its beautiful tourist attractions.


Who Can Benefit From Butt Lift?

Individuals who suffer from cellulite and large amounts of loose, hanging skin on the buttocks and back of the upper thighs because of weight loss or age-related changes can undergo this surgery. Patients are recommended to be near their ideal weight before having butt lift since surgeons do not remove a significant amount of extra fat.

Plastic surgeons identify several characteristics for the candidates. They should have good skin elasticity and lax skin in the buttocks since it’s influential in the overall contour of the area, define realistic goals for the surgery, be in general good health, and show commitment to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Buttock augmentation, popular with young patients, is suitable for those who have a sufficient amount of fat to be collected in the augmentation process and want to enhance the size and contour of the buttocks. Fat transfer is a safe and gentle procedure for buttock augmentation. It should be noted that butt lift should be carried out along with fat transfer or a flap to increase the buttocks’ volume and improve augmentation and contour.



In buttock augmentation, several steps should be followed. Gentle liposuction of the fat donor areas is the first stage. Through this process, fat is removed, and the donor areas, mostly the “love handles,” stomach, or thighs, are contoured.

After removing the fat, it is injected using tiny cannulas (tubes). This process may take place again in the future for further improvement and volume.

Buttock lift surgery is held to be an excision process since the surgeon makes incisions in special areas of the body, specially the “love handles.” In the next stage, the excess skin that makes the buttocks look saggy is removed, and the remaining skin is pulled up for having lifted buttocks.



The recovery process in buttock augmentation is fairly speedy. Harvesting the fat may involve some swelling and bruise after the procedure, which will resolve within one to two weeks. The swelling will disappear gradually, and patients can stick to their daily routine activities soon. However, since buttock lift surgery involves larger incisions than buttock augmentation, the recovery process may be a bit lengthy. Patients usually suffer from some buttock pain, bruising, and swelling in the treated areas, which will reduce gradually.


The Results

In buttock augmentation, patients are informed of the results immediately. It should be indicated that the results will be settled by six months after the procedure when transferred fat has established a blood supply. In buttock lift surgery, the results may take a few months to appear, but patients will achieve preliminary results much sooner than this.