Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

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Arad Hospital is a private general hospital, opened in 1976 and located in an area which is 10,000 square meters on Somayeh Street in the center of Tehran, Iran. It has 150 beds in 5 floors with more than 45 intensive care beds in various sections, including ICU, SICU, RICU, MICU, and CCU. The hospital is well-equipped with all types of specialties and subspecialties. The hospital's primary purpose is meeting the ever-changing patterns of medical care. The hospital is well-prepared to provide medical and public health services in a 24-hours manner for more than 145 patients in different specialized wards.


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How this Procedure is Done

What is Breast Reduction?

Because of having large breasts, some women suffer from back and neck pain, poor posture, difficulty in exercising, and finding clothes that fit.

In breast reduction surgery, the surgeon removes excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the breast to reduce the cup size. After the operation, patients usually feel better since back, shoulder, and neck pain are highly reduced. The breasts also become more uplifted, and clothing fit better.

Why Iran?

Before undergoing this surgery, you need to consult with skilled plastic surgeons with specialized training and considerable experience to discuss your goals and express your concerns. They will review your medical history, determine how much breast tissue can be removed for your comfort and self-confidence, and inform you of the possible risks and complications. Considering all these issues and the importance of such surgeries for your appearance and self-esteem, Iranian experts can help you a lot since they are so well-known specially for successful cosmetic surgeries they annually perform. They can make sure that you are healthy enough to have this surgery, raise your awareness of the stages you need to go through and order the necessary tests before the surgery.

Who Can Benefit From Breast Reduction?

For undergoing this surgery, there is no age limit. Even teenagers can have it if they suffer from the problems mentioned previously. However, if breasts aren't yet fully developed, surgeons avoid performing it for you.


Women with large and heavy breasts having problems like back and neck pain can undergo this surgery. They should be in good overall health with no special disease or destructive habits like smoking or taking certain medications which can reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.



This surgery is mostly carried out as an outpatient procedure and may take two to five hours. Surgeons make incisions around the areola (the area surrounding the nipple) and go down in a straight line to the bottom of the breast.

For extremely saggy large breasts with a large amount of volume, another incision might be made in the crease of the breast. Afterwards, excess fat, skin, and tissue are removed, and the breast is tightened and lifted.



Following the operation, patients need to rest for the first several days. Extreme physical activities and exercises specially those involving the upper body should be restricted for at least one month. However, light exercise is permitted if the patients don’t feel pain.

They will need to wear a special bra during the recovery process to help support the breasts. There are no worries about swelling since they will reduce gradually.

Your surgeon will set several follow-up appointments to remove bandages and stitches later on. Patients can usually go back to work after 7-10 days.


The Results

If all the steps are taken successfully, pain in your back, neck, and shoulders will reduce to a great extent. Your ability also increases to do physical exercises, and you will definitely feel more confident. Patients should consider one significant issue; despite the fact that results are permanent, the breast shape and size may change because of aging, extreme weight gain, or weight loss.


If large and heavy breasts cause health problems for women, many insurance companies cover the operation cost. However, some of these companies may ask for a letter from your surgeon to make sure that you are battling problems in this regard.

Breast reduction is usually combined with other procedures in breast lift as well. In this surgery, they are lifted. Thus, they will look firmer and more beautiful.

Buying such products, which claim to be effective in burning the excess fat in your breasts, is not recommended at all since for reducing the size of your breasts, surgeons remove excess skin, fat, and breast tissue. Accordingly, surgery is the only solution.

Yes. Before the operation, patients should discuss their problems with their doctors. Surgeons will solve them by removing fat, skin, and tissue to help patients achieve their favorable outcome.

Your desired cup size and breast appearance will be discussed before having the operation. The surgeon will then determine how much volume should be removed.

After a few months, swelling disappears, and you will be able to enjoy the results you achieved.

Most women do not have any problems with breastfeeding after the operation. Nonetheless, surgeons do their best to make breasts function as usual.

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