Arm Lift by Dr. Majid Nadaf Kermani

Arm Lift by Dr. Majid Nadaf Kermani

Dr. Majid Nadaf Kermani

Dr. Majid Nadaf Kermani
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Brief info about Dr. Majid Nadaf Kermani :

Dr. Majid Nadaf Kermani is subspecialty in plastic surgery with many years of experiences. He has accepted experience in all fields of plastic surgery by performing various surgeries in the fields of face, breast and slimming surgeries.

How this Procedure is Done

Why Iran?

Before having any cosmetic surgery, you should consult with a knowledgeable specialist to ensure you have made a rational decision. In this case, you will have the opportunity to express your expectations and goals as well. To go through this critical stage, you should look for an expert who understands your concerns and can propose a satisfactory solution. Iranian cosmetic surgeons are the ones you can easily trust to ask any question you have. They have extensive knowledge and invaluable experience specially in this field. They perform many cosmetic surgeries successfully every year and can help you meet your needs. You can make sure they will choose the most suitable procedure that enhances your appearance considerably, inform you of the whole operation, and clarify the healing process. Additionally, if you decide to get these surgeries in Iran’s specialized clinics, you will be offered the most up-to-date services with a low cost. Thus, you can save a considerable amount of money while traveling to this beautiful country for enhancing your appearance.


What is Arm Lift?

Some people suffer from loose skin after considerable weight loss. The results of poor diets are not the same for all individuals. Fluctuations in weight, getting older and also heredity can lead to sagging skin specially in your upper arms. For many people upper arms are problematic areas of body in which fat is collected.

In some cases, diets or exercising can be helpful. However, it’s important to note that while exercising can improve muscles, it can’t tackle excess skin caused by extreme weight loss. In addition, the role aging plays in this regard should not be ignored since as you get older, your skin loses its elasticity and firmness.


If you have such problems and cannot get rid of excess loose skin in your upper arms by having diets or exercising, an arm lift or Brachioplasty may be an effective solution for you. Through this operation, surgeons remove extra fat and skin above the elbow for improving your appearance.


Who Can Benefit From Arm Lift?

Women and men who are in good overall health but suffer from drooping skin or fat in the upper arm can think of arm lift as a possible option. This is also suitable for nonsmokers with stable weight. Candidates should have realistic expectations as well. In other words, you should get this surgery for enhancing your appearance. If you want to have this surgery just for gaining others’ satisfaction, it’s better to think twice.



Surgeons can carry out this surgery either in an office with up-to-date facilities or a specialized clinic depending on the complexity of the procedure determined in advance.

A Brachioplasty usually takes one to two hours to complete if performed as a standalone procedure. You can undergo other similar surgeries as well to meet your needs. Despite the fact that doctors can employ various techniques, the whole process is completed in the same way. First, cosmetic specialists make an incision underneath and to the back of the arm, extending down toward the elbow. Incision length and pattern highly depends on the amount and location of extra skin. After making the incision, surgeons remove excess skin from the arm. At the end of the operation, the incision will be closed using several stitches. You don’t need to worry about them since they will be removed after a week or two.

Different techniques commonly used in an arm lift are explained below:

  • Traditional arm lift: In this procedure, the surgeon removes a large amount of skin and fatty tissue from the armpit to the elbow. This technique can be suitable for patients with considerable amounts of excess skin and fat in their upper arms.
  • Extended arm lift: Through this operation, specialists remove fatty tissue and saggy skin underneath the arm and solve all the problems you have related to areas on the side of your body.
  • Hidden arm lift (limited incision Brachioplasty): This surgery is mostly conducted along with liposuction. Surgeons make an incision in the crease of the underarm. This procedure can be an effective solution for people with moderate amounts of fat and drooping skin.
  • Liposuction only: This technique is used to reshape the arm for some patients depending on their needs. It only needs a small incision and is so appropriate specially for candidates with good skin elasticity, little to no excess skin, and a small amount of fat. The recovery process is so short as well.
  • CoolSculpting: This is a nonsurgical option which is selected when surgeons should reduce a modest amount of fat. Remember that this technique cannot do anything about saggy, hanging skin.



After the surgery, you may experience swelling or bruising but there is no need to worry since they disappear after a few days. It’s important to elevate your arms as much as you can to prevent such complications. The stitches will be absorbed as well after a week or two. During this period, you should avoid lifting objects or physical exercises. Then, you can do your routine daily activities if approved by your specialist. Undoubtedly, if you follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully, the recovery process will be accelerated.


The Results

After going through the recovery process, results will gradually appear. By removing loose skin, an arm lift can improve your appearance. It’s important to know that the results of arm lift surgery can be everlasting only if you maintain a stable weight through regular exercising. Living a healthy lifestyle is also significant. However, there are two points that worth mentioning. The first one is related to the aging process. As you get older, your skin usually loses its elasticity and firmness and becomes drooping gradually. Unfortunately, none of these operations can stop the aging process. The second issue should be highlighted about cosmetic surgeries in general. While all patients want to achieve their favorable goals through such operations, there is no guarantee. In some cases, based on patients’ needs and expectations, surgeons may have to employ a variety of techniques. Thus, it’s better to think about this matter in advance and consult with your doctor about it.


Women and men who are in good overall health but suffer from drooping skin or fat in the upper arm can think of arm lift as a possible option. This is also suitable for nonsmokers with stable weight. Candidates should have realistic expectations as well. In other words, you should get this surgery for enhancing your appearance. If you want to have this surgery just for gaining others’ satisfaction, it’s better to think twice.

Experienced plastic surgeons try their best to make incisions as minimal as possible to help patients get rid of their hanging skin. They are often located on the underside of the upper arm, but may extend toward the elbow depending on the amount of skin that needs to be removed. Fortunately, all the scars will fade away as time passes.

Although an arm lift improves the arms’ overall contour, it will not affect the muscles. If you aim to achieve a toned look, it’s better to exercise on a regular basis. Patients should remember that strenuous activities are totally restricted after the operation for about a week or two. But afterwards, they can do their routine activities.

Depending on patients’ needs and expectations, specialists may use liposuction along with an arm lift to obtain the desired results. Despite the fact that there are various types of liposuction available these days, cosmetic surgeons commonly use two of them. Both of them use fluid infiltration to remove the fat; either standard Suction-Assisted Lipetomy (SAL) or Ultrasonic-Assisted Lipectomy (UAL). The second one uses sound waves to break up the fat tissue. In some cases, these techniques might be adopted at the same time.

While patients should avoid lifting heavy objects and doing strenuous exercises for at least a week, they can resume their daily activities when the healing process is completed. Depending on the complexity of the procedure conducted by the surgeon, this process may take about a few weeks. Typically, walking, cycling, and light exercising are permitted, whereas weight lifting, yoga, or pilates will be restricted for several weeks.


A mini arm lift is a scaled-down version of a complete arm lift operation. This is not a common term since cosmetic specialists always customize the surgery to suit their patients’ goals. In general, a procedure which is called “mini arm lift” may involve a shorter than average scar and only minimal removal of extra skin and fat. Undoubtedly, this technique may be suitable for some patients only, not all of them.

No. Majority of patients will not enjoy the results from liposuction alone that they would from a complete arm lift. Liposuction can only address one of the issues that is tackled in an arm lift; excess fat. If patients suffer from saggy hanging skin that has not been removed through diets or exercising, they are recommended to think of arm lift as an effective solution. In some cases, liposuction may be carried out along with an arm lift to provide favorable results.


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