Butt Lift in Iran

Everything to know before undergoing Butt Lift in Iran

What is a Buttock Lift?

Recently, many people have become fond of enhancing their buttocks in terms of their size, shape, and firmness. Whereas this process is mostly known as “Brazilian Butt Lift,” it is always modified based on the patients’ needs, preferences, and goal, which is having a beautiful, natural-looking bottom. In buttock lift, the “love handles” or the excess fat above the butts is removed. Accordingly, the buttocks are pulled upward for achieving a better overall look. For those patients with extreme weight loss, a buttock lift may be operated with a buttock flap in which the flank tissues are moved into the deflated buttock to increase volume.

This surgery can be performed through two methods, namely fat transfer, and buttock implants. In fat transfer, which is gaining popularity these days, the patients’ own fat is used to add natural-looking volume to the buttocks. However, in butt implants, the surgeons insert synthetic devices into the buttock area to do so.

Individuals who suffer from cellulite and large amounts of loose, hanging skin on the buttocks and back of the upper thighs because of weight loss or age-related changes can undergo this surgery. Patients are recommended to be near their ideal weight before having butt lift since surgeons do not remove a significant amount of extra fat.

Plastic surgeons identify several characteristics for the candidates. They should have good skin elasticity and lax skin in the buttocks since it’s influential in the overall contour of the area, define realistic goals for the surgery, be in general good health, and show commitment to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Buttock augmentation, popular with young patients, is suitable for those who have a sufficient amount of fat to be collected in the augmentation process and want to enhance the size and contour of the buttocks. Fat transfer is a safe and gentle procedure for buttock augmentation. It should be noted that butt lift should be carried out along with fat transfer or a flap to increase the buttocks’ volume and improve augmentation and contour.

Should I get butt lift surgery done in Iran?

Many individuals think of undergoing this operation to have firm and youthful-looking butts. However, a butt lift is a costly operation in almost all countries compared to other cosmetic surgeries. Therefore, majority of candidates prefer to travel aboard so that they can have this operation done with a lower cost. Among all the countries which are making progress in the field of cosmetic and medical tourism, Iran is offering the most quality services and affordable treatments. In addition, Iranian experts are highly recommended for performing such cosmetic surgeries specially butt lift. They are well-known and the procedure results are satisfactory all the time. They will help you understand the whole process and determine the technique which best suits your needs. In this case, you can ensure that your desired outcomes will be obtained.

but why butt lift surgery with Aveheal?

Although traveling abroad for plastic surgery might seem hard, many People decide to do it to make sure that they will achieve what they really want in the best way possible. Butt lift is a complicated procedure that must be conducted by a specially trained plastic surgeon. Thus, candidates need to spend a lot of time searching about surgeons in this field to be able to choose the one with extensive experience in this surgery.

Instead of going through this time-consuming process on your own, it’s better to consult with medical tourism companies like Aveheal and express all your needs, concerns, and expectations so that they can help you in the best way. Considering your overall situation, we will give you useful tips and clarify the steps you need to take. After providing you with complete information on butt lift specialists, a surgeon whose aesthetic sensibility aligns well with yours will be chosen.

How much does butt lift cost in Iran?

Depending on the severity of the procedure and the amount of extra fat that is supposed to be removed, the cost of butt lift might be different for each individual.

With regards to both medical and cosmetic operations, money talks louder than any other factor in the whole world, except in Iran. These days, Iran is attracting patients from all over the world because of:

  • High number of candidates for butt lifts in Iran
  • Low cost of butt lifts in Iran
  • Low cost of accommodation in Iran
  • Experienced and knowledgeable specialists

Butt lift average cost in Iran is $1800 to $2500 which includes doctor visit, clinic, anesthesia, post-op recovery, follow-up, etc. Undoubtedly, the cost may vary based on the surgeon's reputation and level of expertise, the complexity of the procedure, the city in which the procedure is carried out, and similar issues.

It’s important to note that highly up-do-date facilities and efficient services are offered in Iran’s specialized clinics. In a nutshell, if you are thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgeries, specially butt lift, it’s reasonable to have Iran at the top of your priority list of options.

$ 2000
$ 4000
$ 6000
$ 9000
$ 20000

Things to know about butt lift in Iran

Types of Butt Lift in Iran:

There are three major types of buttock lift. They include:

  • Traditional butt lift:

    In this procedure, surgeons remove the extra loose skin of the buttocks to tighten the area. It is highly suitable for individuals who don’t like their droopy butt and want to have a tighter backside with a more youthful appearance. It’s important to note that in a traditional butt lift, doctors do not add volume to the buttocks. Indeed, they try to enhance the shape and appearance of this area by removing and lifting up the saggy skin and tissue.

  • Brazilian butt lift:

    If you want to have bigger buttocks, this type of butt lift can be a good option for you. In this operation, doctors remove the droopy skin of the area and at the same time enlarge the buttocks.

  • Butt implants:

    In this procedure, surgeons enhance the appearance of the butts using implants. These silicone implants make the buttocks look fuller and more youthful. This surgery is recommended to those people who don’t have extra fat in their butts but want to change their buttocks’ size. Thus, they do not need to undergo the traditional or Brazilian butt lift. Although this surgery is much easier to carry out compared to the previous ones, doctors always inform the candidates of all these operations’ probable complications.

Butt Lift in Iran Pre-Operative Considerations:

In the very beginning, surgeons review your medical history and usually order some tests to confirm your health status. You may also need to begin, adjust, or stop taking certain medications in a week or two before your surgery, such as avoiding aspirin, many anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements because they can increase bleeding. Smoking is also stopped in advance of surgery and during recovery since it decreases blood flow in the skin, slows the healing process, and increases the risk of complications.

Butt Lift Recovery Time:

The recovery process in buttock augmentation is fairly speedy. Harvesting the fat may involve some swelling and bruise after the procedure, which will resolve within one to two weeks. The swelling will disappear gradually, and patients can stick to their daily routine activities soon. However, since buttock lift surgery involves larger incisions than buttock augmentation, the recovery process may be a bit lengthy. Patients usually suffer from some buttock pain, bruising, and swelling in the treated areas, which will reduce gradually.


The Butt Lift Results:

In buttock augmentation, patients are informed of the results immediately. It should be indicated that the results will be settled by six months after the procedure when transferred fat has established a blood supply. In buttock lift surgery, the results may take a few months to appear, but patients will achieve preliminary results much sooner than this.

Buttock Lift risks:

A traditional butt lift may cause the following complications:

  • Fluid accumulation under the skin (seroma) that can be prevented by placing drainage tubes after the operation or removing the fluid with a syringe.
  • Poor wound healing
  • Scarring
  • Temporary changes in skin sensation
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Reaction to anesthesia

In general, a butt lift is a safe procedure and doesn’t usually pose serious risks. However, candidates are recommended to talk about all these issues in advance with their surgeon to be informed of all the details.

Brazilian Butt Lift might cause some complications as well. Fat embolism is held to be the most dangerous complication of this kind of butt lift. It is a fatal condition caused by fat particles passing into the bloodstream and blocking the blood flow. Other common complications are mentioned below:


  • Bruising
  • Stretch marks
  • Infection
  • Blood clots
  • Bleeding
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Fat and tissue necrosis
  • Reactions to anesthesia

It’s important to indicate that these complications often occur when the doctors carrying out these surgeries do not have enough knowledge or experience in this regard. Searching about the most well-known specialists before undergoing these operations can help you make a reasonable decision. It’s better to select a board-certified plastic surgeon with considerable experience in butt lifts to make sure that all your desirable results will be obtained and the risk of complications after having such procedures is reduced to a great extent.

A well-trained surgeon can determine the amount of extra fat that is supposed to be removed and injected, knows variety of techniques and chooses the most suitable one considering your expectations, and observes all safety precautions.

Butt implants complications:

The most common risks and side effects of buttock implants are:

  • Bleeding
  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • Scarring
  • Skin discoloration
  • Infection
  • Implant displacement
  • Asymmetry in buttocks
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Allergic reactions
  • Anesthesia-related complications

Brazilian butt lift surgery in Iran (BBL)

The Brazilian buttock lift is one of the most popular cosmetic butt enhancement procedure which is successfully performed every year in Iran. In this fat grafting procedure, doctors use the extra fat of your own body to improve the shape and appearance of your buttocks.

Before thinking of undergoing such cosmetic surgeries for having more youthful buttocks, it’s better to know the differences between them. While it is held that Brazilian butt lift is similar to the traditional butt lift, this is not really the case.

In a Brazilian butt lift, surgeons extract unwanted fat from other parts of your body, like the love handles, thighs, and abdomen through liposuction. Afterwards, they re-inject that extra fat into the buttocks to make it look fuller. Depending on the technique employed by the surgeon and your expectations, the number, depth, and amount of injection is different. However, many doctors believe that a greater number of smaller injections produce a better result. In addition, a large portion of the injected fat will be absorbed by the body as time passes. Consequently, surgeons try to inject as much fat as possible to make sure that patients achieve their favorable results at the end of the healing process.

Butt Lift Hospitals in Iran


Since butt implants are not approved in some countries like the US, the procedure you choose highly depends on your situation. If you are in good overall health and have adequate fat that can be removed by liposuction, fat transfer is recommended.

Due to the fact that the fat injected into your buttocks will continue to live once placed in them, fat transfer is held to be a permanent useful solution for buttock augmentation. Nonetheless, it might not be the case sometimes. Typically, during the first six months, some of the fat may die. Therefore, patients should wait to obtain their favorable results after this period.

A buttock lift does not influence the volume of the buttocks. Nevertheless, since throughout the procedure excess fat and skin above that area are removed, buttocks usually become smaller and firmer. If this is a concern for patients, this procedure can be combined with fat transfer to add more volume.

Depending on the amount of fat, it is sometimes collected from the love handles in a buttock lift. In this case, they will be smoothed, and the overall contour is enhanced.

Many surgeons state that buttock lift exercises can improve the appearance of the buttocks by increasing the amount of muscle you have. However, depending on the expectations and needs, surgery might be a better solution.

Fortunately, surgeons use modern fat transfer methods in buttock augmentation. Accordingly, there is almost no need to worry about scars since they are so small and will disappear as time passes.

Usually, buttock enhancement is combined with other procedures like a tummy tuck or thigh lift. If you consult with experienced surgeons, they will determine a technique that suits your needs.

Since surgeons use the patient’s own fat in this operation, the buttocks look so natural later on. This is not the same as implants in which there is some risk for shifting or an unnatural look after the surgery

Surprisingly, this operation is neither Brazilian nor a butt lift. Indeed, it refers to a surgery which is used to add volume and improve contour in buttocks by using modern fat transfer techniques.