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All you need to know about a Breast lift in Iran and Boost your confidence by a better upper body look

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What is Breast Lift?

The size, shape, and firmness of women’s breasts are among their major concerns as they grow older. Aging, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can cause breasts to sag and lose firmness. A breast lift can be of great help for you in these cases. It boosts your self-confidence and enhances your appearance by reshaping your breasts. It’s important to note that this surgery does not significantly change the size of the breasts. However, if patients desire, they can have a breast lift together with breast augmentation or breast reduction to meet their needs.

You can think of having a breast lift if your breasts of any size have lost shape and volume or your nipples and areolae point downward. This is not suitable for women considering pregnancy in the future since the breasts will stretch, and the expected results won’t be obtained. Generally, patients should be in good overall health and aim to achieve reasonable outcomes.

What to expect after a breast lift

After performing the breast lift, during the first follow-up visit, your specialist will remove the bandages, check the nipple's color, and blood supply. Naturally, you will feel uncomfortable for the first few days. Wearing a bra and having a special dressing in place are recommended since they provide you with support.

Depending on the severity and type of procedure, usually after two or three weeks, all the stitches will be removed. As time goes by, the size and shape of the breast will improve. During the recovery process, following your surgeon’s instructions is a must. You should avoid doing any physical activity for a while and take the medications as directed.

Should I get breast lift surgery done in Iran?

Breast lift is a fairly complex surgery that should be performed by experienced surgeons with extensive knowledge. Before having any kind of cosmetic surgery, you should consult with a specialist to discuss your expectations, express your concerns, and ask questions. Surgeons will help you understand the whole process and determine the technique which best suits your needs. In this case, you can ensure that your desired outcomes will be obtained.

Considering the significance of all the above-mentioned issues, Iranian experts are highly recommended for performing such cosmetic surgeries specially breast lifts. They are well-known and carry out similar procedures successfully every year.

The best breast lift surgeons are performing these operations in Iran where you are provided with quality services in specialized clinics. In addition, you can make sure that Iranian knowledgeable and experienced plastic surgeons will choose the most suitable procedure which enhances your appearance considerably, inform you of the whole operation, and clarify the healing process.

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Everything is as planned

Medical visa for breast lift in Iran

Depending on your case, getting a visa might have a different process. Nonetheless, there is no need to worry about such issues because medical tourism companies can simplify the whole procedure for you. Considering your case, they will check all the options and determine the best kind of visa for you. For getting medical visa of Iran, you need to provide the Iran MFA (Ministry of foreign affairs) enough information about the treatments you are going to have in Iran. After checking the files, the specialist presents his/her diagnose or orders more examinations. It’s important to note that medical visa is not always the right choice. Therefore, medical tourism companies can help you select a visa which is easier to obtain. If you need detailed information in this regard, check out our website.

Things to know about Breast Lift in Iran

Pre-Operative Considerations for Breast Lift in Iran

Before the operation, plastic surgeons typically review your medical history, ask you to do a physical exam and schedule a mammogram, and determine the best technique suitable for your needs. If you are a smoker, you will be asked to stop it for a while since it increases the potential complications. In addition, you should maintain a healthy weight to obtain your favorable results.

Breast Lift Recover Time

As mentioned previously, breast lift includes multiple procedures. Therefore, you need to have enough rest for passing the extensive recovery process. You should stay at home for the first two or three weeks to accelerate the healing process. Accordingly, it’s better to ask someone to take care of you for a short period of time. You don’t need to worry about sutures since your specialist removes them after a week or two. Swelling and bruising also disappear as time passes. During this period, you should avoid lifting objects or physical exercises. After a few weeks, you can do routine daily activities. Final results will show up six months after the surgery. If you follow your doctor’s instructions carefully, you will pass the recovery process earlier than expected.

The major three complications after breast lifts are scarring, bleeding, and infection. Heavy lifting is forbidden for at least 4 to 6 weeks after the operation. Patients should wear a special bra and rest for about a week to 10 days. Then, they can go back to their routine life. The swelling will disappear within the first months, and there is no need to worry about it. When the tissues are completely healed, patients can enjoy the new appearance.

Results of Breast Lift in Iran

Since throughout the surgery, your breasts become firmer and somewhat rounder, your bra size might seem a bit smaller after the operation even if the size of your breasts was not supposed to be reduced. Moreover, the results are not everlasting because as you get older, your skin becomes less elastic gradually, and your breasts may become loose to some extent. If you try to maintain a healthy weight, you can easily get around this problem.

How long do breast lift results last?

A Mastopexy or breast lift is highly recommended to individuals who want to have a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing appearance. By restoring the feminine proportions and helping candidates feel more comfortable in their clothes, breast lifts play a significant role in boosting self-confidence. When thinking of undergoing this procedure, many individuals wonder if there is anything they can do to enjoy the results of their operation for a longer period of time. This issue highly depends on the severity of the procedure employed by surgeons, age, genetics, health condition, and dietary habits.

Breast Lift Revision:

Mastopexy, is carried out to give women a more youthful appearance. Nevertheless, in some cases, the body might not respond in the expected way during the recovery and healing process. Thus, a revision Mastopexy will be needed to enhance the appearance and help patients achieve their favorable results.

Some common reasons why women usually think of having a revision breast lift are mentioned below:


Through a breast lift, breast tissue will be reshaped. In addition, nipple placement and areola size will be changed


Passage of time may result in visible asymmetry of the breasts. The breast lift revision can simply solve this problem.

Revision augmentation:

Revision Mastopexy is sometimes included as part of a breast augmentation revision. If the results of a previous augmentation procedure need to be corrected, surgeons may carry out the breast lift on more time. Breast lifts are also commonly performed after a full implant removal to reshape the remaining breast tissue and improve the overall appearance.

Scar correction:

after the recovery process, some women may feel that their breast lift scars are still too visible. Revision Mastopexy reduces the appearance of existing scars to a great extent.

Considering the reasons you have for undergoing this operation, the details of the surgery might vary. Similar to the initial surgery, you may feel swollen and sore for the first few days. The recovery process is somewhat the same and patients can resume their daily activities after a week or two.

Although it is important to have realistic expectations, you can ensure that the appearance of your breasts will be enhanced, the figure will be more symmetrical, and the breasts will have a more aesthetic shape.

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You can think of having a breast lift if your breasts of any size have lost shape and volume or your nipples and areolae point downward. This is not suitable for women considering pregnancy in the future since the breasts will stretch, and the expected results won’t be obtained. Generally, patients should be in good overall health and aim to achieve reasonable outcomes.

While there are three types of incision, surgeons typically try to make the least invasive incision to obtain desired outcomes.

Donut ("Periareolar"): it’s a circular incision made in the area surrounding the nipple. This is used for minor lifting of the breasts.

Lollipop ("Vertical"): This procedure is carried out through the donut incision around the nipple along with another incision extending down the front of the breast. In the case of excess skin, this technique is preferred.

Anchor, or Inverted "T" incision: The scar pattern is vertical in this kind of incision and is commonly used for women who have lost weight considerably and suffer from saggy breasts.

While there are some products claiming to be influential in lifting the breasts, the only available technique is breast lift surgery. Exercises, pills, or special kind of clothing cannot help you enhance your breasts’ appearance.

Ptosis refers to sagging of the face skin, breasts, or any other part of the body. It can be caused by genetics, aging, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.