World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day aim is to raise HIV awareness and knowledge.

World AIDS Day, founded in 1988, is designated on December 1st every year since then. The red ribbon is the global symbol for expressing solidarity with HIV-positive individuals and those living with them. The theme of this year is "Communities make the difference".

In 2016, several HIV and AIDS-related NGOs started a campaign. They focused on social justice issues and the advancement of treatments. In addition to it, they have developed a collaborative project called "HOPE" to support the global vision of a world free of HIV by raising people's awareness and increasing access to quality treatments and services. The leaders of such public projects hope to find an effective cure for this disease.

This international day offers a critical platform to recognize the crucial role communities (including peer educators, counselors, and activists) play in ending the HIV Epidemic. However, communities seek help for tackling the problems they encounter these days. Indeed, restrictions on registration and an absence of social contracting modalities have stopped them from delivering efficient services. Thus, they should have more power to make sure that AIDS remains on the political agenda, and those implementers are trying their best to fight this serious disease as dedicated as they can.