Gastric Bypass or Sleeve; Which One Is the Right Option?

Before undergoing a weight-loss operation, search about various methods to select the most suitable one based on your needs.

Considering the significant role of these surgeries play in your beauty, having gastric bypass surgery in Iran is highly suggested because Iran enjoys a society of board-certified plastic specialists. They will elaborate on the steps you should go through, offer you useful tips, and help you meet all of your needs. Getting gastric sleeve surgery in Iran is a rational decision as well. 

Several factors should be considered while trying to decide between gastric sleeve surgery and gastric bypass surgery. Unlike the laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (lap-band), these two surgeries are both permanent, decrease hunger, and lead to a remarkable percentage of weight loss. Before making a decision, the following data should be considered.


Expected weight loss

It’s necessary to know how much weight you can expect to lose after the operation. It’s equally crucial to know that long-term weight loss is more dependent on your lifestyle than which operation you choose. Healthy exercise and eating habits may lead to more weight loss than the averages below.

If you do not apply healthy lifestyle changes following gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass, you will gain the weight back.
Gastric sleeve candidates lose between 50 to 70 percent of excess body weight in two years. In comparison, Gastric bypass patients lose between 60 to 80 percent of excess body weight in the first year.
Speed of weight loss
The body mass index (BMI) should be considered into the equation because this element of data will drastically affect the speed and amount of weight loss. The higher an individual's IBMI (initial body mass index), the greater the drop of the patient’s BMI (specially after three years or more), regardless of operation. Basically, the bigger you are prior to operation, the faster you will lose weight.
Losing weight quicker can get you to a healthier weight faster where it becomes easier to exercise and continue to implement healthy habits. Nevertheless, losing weight over a two-year period might reduce saggy skin and stretch marks. Some candidates prefer a gradual transition while others want to get out of their ‘fat suit’ as quickly as possible.
Time of surgery
Going under anesthesia carries an inherent risk. The risk is higher for obese individuals. It’s even higher when candidates have co-morbidities like high blood pressure and high cholesterol. While a minor parameter in your overall decision, operation time should be considered in your decision.
By analyzing this data and adding it to the other factors involved, a candidate will be able to make a more informed and wise decision about which operation may be better suited for their needs.
The average procedural length for these two bariatric surgeries was calculated in an article entitled “A Review of Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy for Morbid Obesity”. The average procedural time for the gastric bypass operation was about 165 minutes, and the average procedural time for the gastric sleeve surgery was 100 minutes.
Gastric bypass surgery benefits over Gastric sleeve surgery
• Gastric bypass surgery has been around longer. Its outcomes and complications have been investigated and its benefits are proven. Every fellowship-trained bariatric specialist spent much of their training performing this operation and the Lap-Band procedure.
• Bypassing the intestines operation a malabsorptive aspect (less time for your body to absorb calories because your intestinal tract is shorter) that effectively decreases calorie consumption.
• Gastric bypass is more complicated and it has a slightly higher risk profile but it produces more weight loss. Additionally, it creates dumping syndrome.
• In case you have a history of acid reflux, your surgeon might recommend gastric bypass instead of gastric sleeve operation. There is a lower risk of acid reflux after gastric bypass.
Gastric sleeve surgery benefits over gastric bypass surgery
• The primary benefits are the decline of hunger and the speed and relative ease of the operation. You will also need fewer vitamins after surgery.
• The greater curvature (left side) of the stomach is thought to be the area where the hunger hormone ghrelin is produced. In gastric sleeve surgery, this area is eradicated almost entirely. The outcome is significantly reduced hunger. Some candidates report having to remind themselves to eat for the first six months following surgery.
• Another purported benefit of the gastric sleeve procedure is a slower weight loss profile. Usually, gastric sleeve candidates see their weight loss plateau after two years. This is very subjective and not proven. Some candidates and medical professionals believe slower weight loss can lead to less saggy skin and a reduction in stretch marks. 
Gastric sleeve surgery
• Acid reflux
• Leakage of stomach fluid
• Narrowing (stenosis) along the stomach pouch
• Stomach obstruction
Gastric bypass surgery
• A higher risk of nutritional deficiencies due to bypassing part of your small intestine
• Increased sensitivity to alcohol
• Stomach ulcers
• Bowel obstruction
• Stomach perforation
Surgeon skill and preference
The average learning curve of a specialist is generally 100 surgeries or more. Because of this parameter, the experience of a surgeon should be considered carefully. Additionally, most surgeons will have more experience with one operation than the other, and this element should also be taken into consideration. 
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