Can Plastic Surgeries Have Positive Effects on Our Lives?

Lately, common stereotypes about cosmetic surgeries have been seriously challenged since they can make pleasant changes in different aspects of your life. Would you like to give them a try?

The decision for undergoing plastic surgery is not usually taken easily. In the process, individuals completely evaluate the merits and demerits while thinking about the risks and potential benefits that are related to the procedure they are contemplating.

With plastic surgery becoming increasingly accessible currently, a majority of people are weighing the pros and cons of undergoing plastic surgery procedures. While some are frightened by the negative plastic surgery myths and stereotypes out there, others may have several goals in mind that encourage them to think of undergoing plastic surgeries without considering the negative points. In addition, some candidates might feel the necessity of having such operations for fixing a serious problem but others may be willing to simply enhance their appearance. By the way, plastic surgery has gained considerable popularity in recent years. In the following, some main positive effects that these kinds of surgeries can have on people undergoing plastic procedures, will be mentioned.


A) Enhancing the Opinion of Oneself

Having an attractive appearance is a primary goal which can be achieved through plastic surgeries. Majority of candidates have stated that they admire themselves whenever they look in the mirror after having this kind of operation. They feel great since they don’t see the previous flaws anymore. This feeling helps them believe in themselves more than before. people who choose to undergo cosmetic surgery often experience a renewed sense of confidence following their procedure. They are less self-conscious and more satisfied with how they look, making them feel better overall.


B) Restoring Youthful Appearance

One of the main reasons for getting plastic surgery is restoring a youthful appearance through which people's self-confidence can be improved. By having these kinds of operations, you can eliminate issues such as wrinkles on your body to look younger. As a result, individuals won’t feel so uncomfortable anymore about getting older since all the signs which usually remind them of their age have disappeared. With an attractive appearance, people will feel better about themselves and their renewed sense of self-confidence gives them new enthusiasm and motivation providing them with a fresh zest and vigor for life while they won’t be concerned about the effects passage of time can have on their life.


C) Motivating to Be More Sociable

Some people tend to be reserved because of the flaws they notice in their appearance. In other words, they believe that the more beautiful you are, the more acceptable you will be in social life. Although it is baseless and highly depends on your character, in some cases, plastic surgeries can act an essential role for addressing these kinds of problems. By improving your self-esteem, such operations can motivate you to be more sociable. Undoubtedly, when you are satisfied with your appearance, you are willing to meet new people, make friends, and be more active in social circles since everyone will admire your beauty. 


D) Improving Your Career and Performance

It is crystal clear that in some job opportunities such as movie and modeling industry, the appearance of the candidate is so much important. In such cases, by correcting the flaws in your appearance, you will be able to make a better career. When you are fully satisfied with the way you look, you will definitely come to believe in your abilities as well and try your best to achieve what you really desire. You might be more outgoing, motivated, and willing to try new things and take advantage of marvelous opportunities. Therefore, you will be more focused on your job and more likely to excel at it. When you come to such an understanding about yourself, applying for leadership positions will not be a dream anymore because you have proved your potentials to others in the best way possible. Accordingly, individuals who choose to enhance their natural beauty with plastic surgery often experience a high quality of life.


E) People Can Get More Positive Treatment from Others

With a great self-confidence built up by plastic surgeries, individuals will likely get more positive manner from others. When they look better and present a positive attitude, they will definitely receive more favorable comments from others in both their professional and social lives.


Considering all the aforementioned points, cosmetic surgeries can play an important role in boosting an individual’s self-confidence which will lead to many positive impacts on their routine life. If you still hesitate about this issue, we recommend you to take a look at a study conducted in 2013 which proves the same points.

This research published in Clinical Psychological Science reports that: 


plastic surgery candidates could experience more joy in their life, a higher sense of satisfaction, and greater self-esteem.


The participants of this study are divided into two groups: 550 first-time patients and more than 260 people who had always desired to undergo plastic surgeries but finally decided not to have them. These groups of people were compared to more than 1,000 individuals who have never been interested in cosmetic surgeries. 



Patients show happy results: When comparing the results of the psychological tests of the surgical patients to those who had not had any plastic surgery, writers discovered an interesting point; people who had undergone a plastic surgery had higher self-esteem, experienced less anxiety, and felt healthier overall. Additionally, they were happier with their bodies as a whole, not just the area on which they had the work done.


Plastic surgery, a growing trend: The reported increase in self-esteem following cosmetic surgeries seems to be a powerful motivation for individuals to have them specially in recent years. According to the statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more than 10 million cosmetic procedures were performed last year only in the United States; the most popular ones include Eyelid Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Abdominoplasty, Breast Augmentation, and Liposuction. Among all the individuals willing to undergo a plastic procedure, women accounted for 9.1 million of the 10 million candidates.


In short, although having a great social life depends on your character and other similar parameters, people who get plastic surgery are willing to feel better about themselves, boost their overall self-esteem, and improve their physical appearance. When undesirable characteristics of their appearance are eliminated, they restore a youthful look and can also fit into certain clothes that make them look more attractive. Plastic surgeries help you become more ambitious in your lives, get more socially involved, and also improve your overall job performance. Finally, for answering the question whether plastic surgeries can affect your life, we should say yes; plastic surgery can play an essential role in your entire life.