10 Beneficial Healthcare Mobile Apps of 2019

For tackling your health-related issues, you do not always need to visit a doctor. Some applications have been recently developed, which can be so helpful in many cases.

  Nowadays, most of the individuals own a smartphone and spend a considerable amount of their time using different apps that can ease various aspects of modern life. Because of the modernization of life and shortage of time and money, the majority of people tend to address their problems online. As a result, thousands of apps appear in this competitive market every year. Since health care is one of the inseparable aspects of human life, creators pay special attention to this field. A healthy lifestyle is more than just proper nutrition and exercise. Taking care of your body and mind, getting enough sleep, and managing things like doctor's appointments and medications also play essential roles in staying healthy. A good app can be a great way to manage it all. We will introduce 10 Amazing Healthcare mobile apps that bring effective healthcare to a single tap of a mobile app and support your needs for a healthy mind and body.


1. Totally Pregnant

  This application might be the best gift if your wife or a loved one is pregnant. "Totally Pregnant" trumps all mobile apps related to this field (pregnancy) in the healthcare marketplace. Diet management, week-by-week pregnancy trackers, and even belly selfie functions are some of its unique features.

  This new healthcare app for patients assimilates the greatest functionalities of almost all pregnancy applications out there, while adding the first-ever 3D fetus animation videos and powerful location-based technology. "Totally Pregnant" has a beautiful user interface based on a simple navigation wheel.

  Other features include expert advice forums, informational videos, personal photo albums, baby gear shopping, and a weekly pregnancy tracker. Although free, Totally Pregnant is full of links to online stores and in-app purchases of classes like Lamaze and yoga for pregnancy.



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2. HelpAround

  It was founded by Shlomi Aflalo (former VP R&D at advertising technology startup eXelate) and Yishai Knobel (the former head of Mobile Health at the diabetes tech startup AgaMatrix). It's highly recommended for people suffering from typical ailments like Diabetes. Almost all of us are aware of the excruciating struggles these individuals encounter if they run out of test strips or glucose tabs. "HelpAround", a crowdsourced safety net for those dealing with Diabetes, is one healthcare mobile app that is worth mentioning. 

  "HelpAround" connects its users to nearby users who may be able to offer required supplies, an injection, or even help with a blood test. The healthcare also provides community support and advice in its forums. "HelpAround" is a savior in times of need.


3. Fitocracy

  While the healthcare marketplace introduces a plethora of fitness tracking and workout apps, "Fitocracy" is the go-to healthcare app for patients struggling with fitness issues and obesity. The credibility of this healthcare mobile app is in stories of its producers who went from being out-of-shape gamers to ripped bodybuilders. They tried the formula on themselves successfully and turned it into "Fitocracy" that applies a unique training mechanism.

  Video gamers must know how addictive video games are. The main reason is the satisfaction every win brings to your mind. "Fitocracy" allows its users for logging workouts on the site, which earns them points to pass the level and helps them progress through the same video games. 

  It also offers a multiplayer option that gets you in the "Fitocracy" community, with more than 1 million users who play with each other to earn a point and achieve fitness feats.


4. Insight Optics

  The idea of initiating this healthcare mobile app was raised when its producers encountered a staggering statistic. They found out that only 50% of the 71 million individuals at risk for preventable vision loss examine their eyesight by an eye specialist. The creators of Insight Optics created this app to offer the specialized eyesight care that patients need like an ophthalmologist. They tried their best to shift the mentioned numbers. 

  What this telemedicine app does is recording and referring retinal exams to local specialists for review. By attaching a smartphone camera to a handheld ophthalmoscope, the app allows high-resolution image recording of the patient's retina.

  This app then presents the user with a list of ophthalmologists or optometrists available within a specific geographical area, which allowes patients to get valuable insights for their eye health. It also alerts users whether or not they need to see an eye specialist.



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5. Medici

  After witnessing the effects of mobile apps like Airbnb, Amazon, and Uber in individuals' life, Phillips (the founder and CEO of Medici) decided to create this app to do the same in healthcare. His company provides a situation to make healthcare handier for everyone. It has produced two mobile apps (for patients and providers each). 

  "Medici" (mobile app for patients) allows users to be connected with doctors in the "Medici" network for a decrease in the cost of going into a hospital and the time spent in this regard.

  When patients or mobile app users connect to their doctor, they can explain their problems, symptoms, and send pictures. Then the doctor will order a prescription directly to the patient's pharmacy or confirm if the patient needs to visit them for more information and examination. "Medici" helps its users cut out expensive and unnecessary trips to the doctor's office and make doctors accessible in a HIPPA-compliant online space.


6. Digital Pharmacist

  The pharmacist is the only one who can understand the mysterious handwriting of a doctor. It would be great if there were an app for people that could facilitate communication with pharmacists about medical articles and different medications.

  "Digital Pharmacist" offers all of these functions in one mobile app. By helping pharmacists go digital, the main target of its creators, which is making medical information more accessible, is achieved. While the app does entail digital solutions and cloud storage for pharmacies, "Digital Pharmacist" also builds mobile apps for pharmacies. These custom applications can improve pharmacists' communication with their customers and makes the prescription fill process more convenient for everyone.




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7. Talkspace

The job outlook for therapists has increased immensely since mental health being has been taken more seriously. Although traditional therapists save many lives, the other half are left out of this comfort, either due to lack of time or money. 

It will be great if people struggling with anxiety or depression disorder could access a therapist on their way back home. "Talkspace" makes it easier for users to get in touch with a therapist from the convenience of a smartphone.

Users can enroll in online therapy, including marriage counseling via messaging a real, licensed therapist as per their convenience. Although users have to pay a weekly subscription fee to continue having access to the service, the charges are remarkably cheaper than traditional therapists. Another fantastic option is that the users are matched with therapists knowledgeable in a particular field based on their individual needs.


8. Doctor On Demand

  If you're short on money or time and require board-certified physicians for a video consultation, "Doctor On Demand" can help you. It offers doctors that can solve non-emergency medical problems such as flu and cold symptoms, upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, allergies, back pain, sports injuries, heartburn, as well as many pediatric problems. The app allows you to access doctors who write you a prescription and answer all your medical questions.

  The services offered also include psychologist consultation. In case you're questioning the credibility, Doctor On Demand works with more than 1,400 state-licensed physicians in the U.S.


9. Text4Baby

  "Text4Baby' (founded by the National Healthy Mothers and Healthy Babies Coalition) is a free healthcare app, which provides pregnant females and new mothers with free pregnancy health-related advice, reminders, and help via free SMS messages. Considering your due date, Text4Baby generates contextually relevant messages.

  For instance, soon after giving birth, a new mother will receive this message: "It's time for baby's 1-month Dr.'s visit. Your baby had blood tests right after s/he was born. At this visit, ask your Dr. for the results." You can expect to receive a few messages every week, and you can leave the service at any time. It's free, and all of the user's information remains anonymous.



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  While most healthcare mobile apps above introduce the best physicians to you, it's hard to find specialists catering to the exact ailment you're suffering. "HelloMD" solves this problem by connecting its users with the right certified doctor or surgeon, such as a radiologist or a neurologist. The fee charged by physicians changes as they set their rates. It takes less than 24 hours to set up an appointment that takes place on the online platform through a video call.

  "HelloMD" also serves as an alternative for people who seek a second option. If your health plan does not cover all the telehealth benefits you need, and you're tired of draining your health savings account, "HelloMD" is your go-to healthcare app.

  It's important to note that although these healthcare apps offer a great deal of medical expertise, they aren't the best alternative options for in-house medical care. Therefore, if you are suffering from a severe illness, a hospital visit is most suggested.